August 2015


With fitness and activity trackers for people being all the rage, this new product proposal by Squeaker makes sense. They are proposing an activity tracker dog collar, Buddy. Buddy will feature GPS tracking (to always know where your dog is) , LED light up technology (to keep your pooch safe and visible at night) and an activity tracker (to make sure that Fido gets his exercise). Currently the company is still in their KickStarter phase and are looking for pledges. For more details on their KickStarter proposal and the function of this next level smart collar, visit their page.

If a smart collar is not your thing I would still recommend checking out some of Squeaker’s other products. They specialize in LED leads, harnesses and collars to keep your pets safe and visible at night.

squeakerdog2 copy Squeaker_Poochlight_Black_LED_Glowing_Flashing_Collar*Images borrowed from Squeaker.

dog-face-disapproval copy

Here is a list of 10 questions overheard by a veterinarian’s assistant, as written on BarkPost. It’s worth the read to have a laugh and brighten your morning!

We’ve all had our moments; our best friend sitting attentively at our side while eat our meal. Our dogs are part of our family, they’re just like us. Surely they’d enjoy a little treat from your plate, right?

As much as your dog would love their own seat at the table and join you to lick their plate (and yours) clean, it’s important to remember that their digestive systems are different than ours and they can’t eat all the same foods. Here’s a quick go to chart to help you in those moments of weakness (borrowed from the HellaWella)