In Home Boarding


You don’t want your dog in a kennel and neither do we.

Petite Paws In-Home Boarding offers a fun filled, un-kennel option the next time you travel and can’t bring Rover.



We offer a small, personalized, pet boarding service and take a maximum of 3 dogs at one time. Our furry friends spend the day playing with their friends and come home at night for relaxation, couch and cuddle time! On weekends when our Playcare facility is closed we incorporate fun filled walks and adventures to ensure everyone is happy and well exercised.

Our sleepovers are the best vacation your dog can ever have!

We are frequently fully booked for boarding and suggest you call to book well in advance especially during peak periods such as summer and holidays.

For our new guest dogs our process is to have your dog(s) in for an initial Meet and Greet session. This enables you to view our facility and allows us to introduce ourselves to you and your dog. Once the puppy parent leaves we will observe your dog in a daycare setting to determine if they will be at ease and comfortable while you are away.

If everyone is happy, we will book your dog in for a couple of daycare sessions prior to making any bookings for boarding to ensure your dog is a good fit for Petite Paws and so your dog learns the ropes and gains familiarity with the us and the environment. These sessions may be either full or half days dependent on your pups personality. We do not charge for the assessment appointment but we do charge for the subsequent daycare bookings.

Our Meet and Greet appointments are available at either 730 am or 945 am on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Please contact us with boarding dates, type of dog, age, which day of the week and time option works best for you and of course any additional questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you and your best friend.

A deposit is required at time of booking. Cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to boarding date.


Your favorite pooch will stay with one of our staff. It’s a home environment—with a couple of extra canine friends.

What’s the deal?

The dogs aren’t crated—unless that’s what you’d prefer and it’s the practice at home, in which case we’ll use yours.

How many dogs will my dog be staying with?

A maximum of three.

What sort of dogs will my dog be staying with?

We meet every dog before we agree to board one. We don’t accept aggressive dogs or large breed dogs. As much as possible, we balance the personality and energy levels.

What will my dog eat?

You provide your pups food and if you choose, your dog’s favorite toys or bedding.

How do I book?

If we haven’t already met your dog, we’ll schedule a free 2 hour appointment.. This helps us assess if your pet is non-aggressive and that his/her personality, needs, and energy level fit with our daycare guests to assure the very best stay possible.

Please call or email to free pre-boarding assessment. 778.772.4489

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