DAYCARE or as we like to call it "PLAYCARE"

Your dog may get lonely at home all by himself. You’ll soon realize this if you notice that your dog is being destructive and chewing on things he shouldn’t be. Some dogs don’t like this alone time and need the companionship of other dogs. In doggie daycare, your dog gets all the attention and playtime with other dogs that he or she needs.
Daycare is great for socialization. To learn how to act with other pooches, your dog needs to be around his own kind. The younger you start with socialization, the better equipped your pup will be when it comes to making new friends.
There are many good reasons to choose day care for your dog. Most of all it helps socialize your dog, and a social dog is a happy dog! Dogs are pack animals by nature, but rarely get to be around a ‘pack’ in today’s world.

Although there is nothing better than a day of play for social dogs, we recognize that dogs are individuals with unique personalities and needs.

Our Canine guests are grouped by similar interests and activity levels, allowing your dog to run with the puppies, or relax with the mature crowd. When your pup is with us, rest assured they are having fun and getting exercise with all their furry friends!

Much effort was put into the design of our establishment to guarantee we can provide a safe and clean environment for your dog. We commit ourselves to ensuring all our guests receive the best of care with lots of love, cuddles, outdoor pee breaks and human interaction.

Convenience is one of our main priorities. Our doggie day care services are designed to be flexible, so that we work around your schedule rather than the opposite.

Petite Paws is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 am – 6:30 pm and closed weekends and holidays. (Boarding pick up/drop off by special appointment)


  1. Doggie day care allows them to socialize and play with other dogs in a way that is much more natural for them. Petite Paws takes pride in providing a home environment with toys and beds and outdoor breaks.
  2. It keeps your dog active and healthy. A good dog day care will offer many activities for your canine friend so that your dog will be stronger and more fit than if it were left “home alone” five days out of seven.
  3. It makes your dog just plain happy to be in a stimulating environment, playing with other dogs and making friends with both dogs and people.

For our new guest dogs our process is to have your dog(s) in for an initial Meet and Greet Assessment. This enables you to view our facility and allows us to introduce ourselves to you and your dog. Once the puppy parent leaves we observe your dog in a daycare setting and assist them to feel comfortable and at ease.


Please call or email to book a Meet and Greet assessment for your pooch                   778.772.4489