Facility & Rental
Much effort was put into the design of our establishment in order to ensure we are able to provide a safe, clean and GREEN environment for your dog.

Our facility has been equipped with LED lighting, recycled rubber flooring, gently reused wood structures, Organic Spa shampoos, and both pet and planet friendly sanitizing products.

  • 1,600 square feet of open space to run and explore
  • Movable walls optimize the play experience
  • Quiet rooms for those that want a space to chill out
  • Separate areas to accommodate dogs of all ages and temperaments
  • Toys, beds and couches
  • Human friends to constantly supervise and keep the play fun!

Facility Rental

Our facility is available to rent evenings and weekends – Great for Birthday parties, training classes, adoptions or any special furry event! Come by or give us a call to discuss rates and booking information.



Petite Paws invites you to host your next doggie event in our spacious indoor lounge area! Celebrate your dog’s birthday, have a canine Christmas party, or just have a get-together for you and your other dog-loving friends![/vc_column_text]