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I,___________________________, hereby certify that my dog(s):__________________________ is/are in good health and has/have not been ill with any communicable condition in the last 30 days and is/are up to date on all required vaccinations. I further certify that my dog(s) has/have not harmed or shown aggressive threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog. I have read and understand the following. I understand that I am solely responsible for any harm caused by my dog(s) while my dog(s) is/are attending playcare or dog walking at/with Petite Paws Playcare Ltd. (“the company”).

1. I further understand and agree that the Company and their staff and will not be liable for any problems that develop, provided reasonable care and precautions are followed, and I hereby release them of any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from my dog(s) attendance and participation with the Company.

2. I further understand and agree that dogs can sometimes receive minor cuts and scratches and any problems that develop with my dog(s) will be treated as deemed best by staff and volunteers of the Company, at their sole discretion, and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved.

3. The Owner agrees that the pet(s) may be videotaped, photographed, and/or recorded while at Petite Paws Playcare and that these files may be used in the future for promotional purposes.

4. The Owner understands and agrees that the pet(s) is/are required to be picked up by 6.30pm and that late pick ups may be subject to a $30 surcharge.

5. The Owner agrees that a daycare environment is not suitable for all dogs and that Petite Paws Playcare reserves the right to terminate attendance at any time.

I certify that I have read and understand the policies of the Company as set forth in the preceding paragraphs and that I have read and understand the conditions and statements of this agreement, including the following: Dog Walking Services only: I agree to allow

PETITE PAWS personnel, and their employees to enter my home as pre-arranged for the purpose of picking up and returning of my pet.________________ (initials).

RESERVATIONS: Are required. Priority will be given to clients whose dog attends on a regular basis. Cancellations less than 12 hours notice may be charged full fees.

I certify that I have read and understand the policies and conditions of the Company as set forth in the preceding paragraphs. In consideration of, and as inducement to the acceptance of my application, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless PETITE PAWS PLAYCARE, its officers, directors, instructors, agents, employees and/or representatives, of any and all claims, or claims by any member of my family, of injury, expense, costs or damages to my dog or any handler sponsored by me.

In addition, I agree that I will defend and indemnify the Company for any injury, expense, costs or damages to any dog handlers or dogs, whether sponsored by me or not, or to third parties arising out of my own actions or the actions of my dog. I have read the above-stated provisions, and agree to accept those responsibilities.

Date:____________________________ Signature of Owner _____________________________