Petite Paws on Daily Hive Vancouver

Petite Paws on Daily Hive Vancouver

As Darcy Matheson puts it in her article, “Vancouverites love their pets, but let’s have some real talk here: Being a responsible owner is a huge time and energy commitment”.

She wrote an article with tips on how to to make dog owners’ lives easier and here is what she says about dog daycare:

“Using a doggy daycare has been a huge help for me on days when I know I’m going to be at work for a super long day, or have something to do that will take me out of the house for most of the night after work. It just doesn’t seem fair to be out of the house all day for work and then leave the pups alone all night too.

The benefits of taking your dog to a daycare facility is that they’ll get socialization, exercise, playtime, companionship and cuddles, all in a safe environment. And, if they’re anything like my pups, your dog will be physically and mentally exhausted from all the physical and mental stimulation of being there. Standard daycare rates in Vancouver are about $25-35 per day, although that price can be lowered by buying a package of visits at the same time.”

And about us:

“Because my dogs are small, I take them to Petite Paws in Olympic Village, which specializes in small breed dogs under 30 lbs. They get outdoor pee breaks or a walk every two hours, lots of cuddles, padded spots to snooze, and get to interact with tons of dogs in a 1,600 ft² space full of great enrichment toys.

They are super active on Instagram, and post multiple photos and videos every day so you can see what your pup is up to. You can also add-on grooming services like haircuts, teeth brushings and nail trims. Dogs are assessed through a free two-hour meet and greet before being admitted to daycare.”

So bring your pup over to us and we can help make your day a little easier while giving your pooch the playtime, exercise and socialization he/she needs!

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